We've changed the game. Introducing the Yale® end rider.

Order picking accounts for 50-65% of the typical warehouse’s total operating costs.

You need to be as efficient as possible to keep costs down.

Boost order picking, escalate throughput.

Precision engineered with advanced technology and features, the Yale® MPE060-080VH and MPE060G end riders are what you need to move the throughput needle. Its modern features promote greater picking efficiency and transport speed.

More than 1/3 of all lost workdays are associated with muscular or skeletal problems and account for more than $20 billion in workers' compensation costs annually.

Proper ergonomic equipment can help you mitigate these issues and maximize the productivity of lift truck operators.

Defeat the status quo.

Integrated knee pads on the Yale End Rider

Integrated knee pads

Durable, contoured rubber delivers industry-leading support to enhance operator comfort; unique waffle pattern provides flexibility and maximizes airflow.

Integrated knee pads on the Yale End Rider

Hand rail with auxiliary controls

Allows operator access to lift/lower, high speed, and smart shift functions.

Integrated knee pads on the Yale End Rider

Operator platform

Offers more usable foot space than leading competitors to help promote all-day operator comfort; drain holes align with the platform cushion, pulling moisture down and out of the truck.

Integrated knee pads on the Yale End Rider

Platform cushion

Exclusive design helps absorb shock and vibration to improve operator comfort and provide steady footing; closed cell construction enhances durability; drain holes improve tractive effort in wet applications; easily removes for cleaning.

89% of distribution professionals believe that investments in technology save time and boost labor productivity.

Is your technology equipping operators for maximum performance?

Outsmart your competition.


Smart Lift/Lower

Automatically raises/lowers forks with one touch. Shaves seconds off picks by enabling the operator to focus on the next task while the truck completes fully lifting/lowering.


Yale Smart Slow Down™

Reduces truck speed when cornering to enhance load stability and operator control, decreasing risk of product damage.


Smart Acceleration

Provides two distinct acceleration profiles based on application, load and task. Saves 1-4 seconds per movement by accessing the faster profile before loads are too high.


Smart Cruise Control

Permits operator to set truck speed, allowing them to relax the throttle over long hauls, minimizing wrist/hand stress.

Save up to $150,000 in lifetime maintenance.

With reduced service times and extended service intervals, this truck can be serviced faster and as much as 50% less often, meaning more time moving product.

Stand up to your toughest challenges.

Heavy-duty frame is one of the toughest in the industry

Stiffest forks both in torsion and deflection

Casters are top mounted for simple access, and can be fully, quickly serviced and adjusted

Electric brakes require no adjustments or maintenance

Extended service intervals (up to 1,000 hours) provide lower cost of operation

All operator padding is closed cell durable rubber for maximum durability

A side-by-side comparison, demonstrating the time it takes to change a drive tire on a Yale® end rider and a Crown pallet truck. The Yale end rider can be changed in ONE-TENTH of the time it takes to change the competition. Actual drive tire changes by qualified lift truck technician on Yale MPE080VH and Crown PE4500. Results may differ depending on specific model and technician.


We’ve strengthened every inch of our end riders to stand up to your toughest challenges.

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